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Let common sense and

'keep it simple' be the motto.


On the course , participants are trained in:

  1. About learning.

  2. Breakdown of overall process flow.

  3. Concrete job division (JBS).

  4. Video recording/ editing/ publishing.


We believe that the employees, after learning some simple principles, know how to video record the work processes.

If you want to get started quickly, with the first 5 – 10 – 15 training videos, we will develop, JBS, video record, edit and publish by agreement. Contact us and hear about the possibilities

(several times someone has thought - hold on 'man/ woman' -  if I just could be allowed to record a training video. Elsewhere, someone has thought - the slowest I ever have met - if I just could ... - and a third situation, an employee shouts HELP - nobody has time to train me!)


... with TWI program
Many medium-sized and large industrial companies today use TWI.
Here, managers and all stakeholders have gone through a training program, which is why the philosophy from TWI makes it simple and profitable to use the TWI2100 concept.
  1. The work processes are broken down through the Job Breakdown Sheet (JBS) and form the basis of 'storyboard and script'.
  2. Keep the 'student performance' from TWI. The student performs the 'self-trained' from the video, for a TWI trainer.
  3. Process Confirmation is still the same as in TWI.
Keep the strong discipline built up from classic TWI in your organization - and transfer the best to TWI2100.
... without TWI program
Many companies have chosen not to use the classic TWI program and have established a strong training organization themselves.
Several of these companies know the concept of the TWI program and are looking for a simple employee training program.
Strengthen your organization with simple tools from TWI2100.

SMEs - 'HOW'

For a number of SMEs, it will not make sense to establish a classic TWI training program.

On the other hand, it will be easy to access employee training with tools from TWI

Find a couple of 'hidden talents', one of whom has at least a flair for working with electronic media.
... contact us for a meeting


The healthcare system has used video training for several years - for both staff and patients.
For them, it is easy and simple to record the experience with standards from TWI2100 to:
  • to train the professional staff who will be able to document the work processes themselves, video-record, edit and publish training videos
    • all according to standards
It is often specialists from the HR departments who, with a lot of equipment, record the processes and the training videos are often seen to appear different and longer than necessary.
For example, the 'pods' (covid19) were presented with a training video, which they effectively had to 'self-train' before joining, after which they had to perform what they had learned for a professional. Dialysis patients also 'self-train' before they get the device home.
... read about WHY


Several companies in the service area already have a strong employee training program - and will quickly be able to adopt the benefits from the concept in  TWI2100.

Send your trainers on a video editing course, where they will be able to produce training videos, following the philosophy of classic TWI.

... and become stronger on rapid 'onboarding' - in multiple languages.
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