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Course description

We have  'TWISTED' TWI and offer to train a team that will become your own producers.

The employees themselves document the work processes (TWI), video record, edit
and publishes training videos.

Achieve huge benefits by the fact that there is not always a trainer present - and not always a process device available - the employees train in available time during working hours.

About the course

TWI2100 is a modern and employee-driven training program that reduces the number of trainers and the training itself, many, many, times.

The program is built around the philosophy of the acknowledged training program, Training Within Industry (TWI).

The program is simple and absolutely accessible.

The participants are trained in documenting process understanding (process flow) and work processes, through job breakdown, video recordings and editing, of their own work processes.

TWI2100 uses a simple video editing program that is security audited and recognized for deployment as cloud-based or an end-user installation on PC.


The purpose is to make training more efficient through employees, using simple and standardized video recording, in combination with the learning philosophy from TWI.


The goal is for the participants to be trained in being able to document work processes themselves. From global process understanding (process flow) to detailed work processes, following the philosophy of TWI and through video recording, being able to edit and upload training videos.

The course

To cover all aspects of the training program,
The course is divided into four main parts:

  1. About learning

  2. Documentation of work processes and process flow

    1. Job division – from generalist to specialist – from wholes to details (from the known to the unknown)

  3. Mastering video editing

    1. Recording, editing for uploading in training platform

  4. Internship

    1. Reality

Pedagogy and duration

The aim is to complete the course with 60% theory and 40% practice. The participants are put together in 'training video groups' in pairs and receive an introduction, theory – from practice through cases, on process flow and work process documentation, to real video production.

The course is carried out over 3 consecutive days, after which the participants in an agreed period (e.g. 14 days), before the 4th day, do tasks solving in groups, of a maximum of 3 hours. (to be agreed).

Consultant model

TWI2100 as a supplier, will be convinced that a project with the customer works. Consulting (coaching/ management courses, according to model) must therefore be discussed in connection with the delivery of our services.

We do not believe that change needs to create resistance - we know that a sense of wonder among employees can arise when something cannot fall into place - we also know that employee involvement, management commitment and internal marketing are essential for success.

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