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About ThraneConsulting and the founder

ThraneConsulting (

tc, was established on 19 April 2016 and has primarily concentrated on services within Training Within Industry (TWI) and Lean.

Now we concentrate on our modern TWI 2100 training program, where we train a team of video producers at the company, so that they themselves are able to document, video record, edit and publish training videos

There are 3 important reasons why we offer training for video producers

  1. The time has come - today everyone has tried to get learning from the internet

  2. Employees in the industry have started to demand video training and several have tried it themselves

  3. Founder of, has worked professionally for 3 years with video production of work processes, according to the TWI concept.

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My story
After 14 years of employment with the leading research
catalyst production company, Haldor Topsøe A/S,
Frederikssund (now TOPSOE) I resigned in 2016 and
resigned from a good position where I was most recently
consultant in the HR department and before that, 8 years
in LEAN the department. The first years of employment,
I have respectively been directly attached to the staff
function, with responsibility for production instructor
training and from 2010 TWI training etc.


Before employment at TOPSOE, I have been the manager, for 12 years, of the HK association's IT course business, Modul Data and, in parallel, a personality and leadership development course center, where I joined after 5 years as a consultant in HK, with, among other things, technological development as a specialist area - and further, for a period, sales-market manager in ICL-data, Ballerup.


I have a past as an IT employee for 7 years respectively at Det Danske Stålvalseværk in Frederiksværk and 3 years in the IT department at Burmaister & Wain in Copenhagen. Finally, I spent 4 years in the air force working in radar engineering.


I am self-taught and have over many years, most importantly, gone through a large number of course programs in personality, organizational and leadership development, including several weeks of pedagogy, Neuro Lingvistik Programming (NLP), as well business, social and national economy etc.

I strive to be a strong COACH who, by presence, manages to enliven the essential in the individual person, without being consumed myself - like a catalyst (TOPSOE) - a catalyst is an object that by its presence increases a chemical process without being consumed.

... I've tried it before

14 years of experience within the industry and previously, 12 years of experience with the implementation of large change-making training programs, in collaboration with decision-makers within large public organisations, ranging from training 150 nurses, training a number of municipal and state institutions' instructor teams, who subsequently had to go home and train their several hundred colleagues
according to the newly learned skills. Finally, experience from 2010, within industry and training   for several hundred employees, including   a large number of top managers - GLOBALLY!

... more history
"it's all about people"

Over the course of 8 years, I have gained an invaluable labor market and education policy background as a representative in the former state labor market board, where I have been deputy chairman of the executive committee, with representatives from all parties in the labor market,  Danish Employers' Association,
LO, as well as representatives from primary municipalities and the county municipality.


Finally, for 4 years I have been chairman of education and vocational guidance in the former Frederiksborg County.


I am a lecturer and have lectured on a number of different topics on labor market policy education, technological development within administration at hospitals, municipalities, business councils  - and most recently on TWI, for several hundred decision makers from large industrial companies, DI, DTU, the MADE organisation, vocational school and former minister of education with labor market policy following, among others.


I care about my family, my two sons and daughters-in-law with a total of 5 grandchildren.

I am very interested in people and their actions and focus on how little is needed to bring out the essential in the individual person - I thrive on experiencing the joy of employees,
with whom their qualifications are unfolded for the benefit of all.


I read non-fiction, especially about improvement tools - management and personality development.


I take every opportunity, several times a week, to cycle in the scenic Halsnæs and am around the Hundested harbor area almost every day.


Finally, I'm a winter bather and jump off the bike to jump in the Kattegat - every morning when I'm not
with family, friends or customers.

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