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TWI2100  - 'WHY'

Reduce the number of trainers and the training itself, MANY, MANY TIMES.

»from 1:1 TRAINING


Many medium-sized and large industrial companies have, for several years, used classic TWI and are challenged by time.

  1. It's now - time is for it ...

    • Everyone has tried to seek learning via video training on the Internet.

  2. The employees demand it​ themselves.

    • A request from employees has already led to a series of more or less structured video recordings of  work processes.

    • There is a desire for a more modern and flexible training program that caters to individual learning styles
      (where, when - and 'for the quick' - under refresh - SCROLLING!).
  3. A study from ' Gartner ' (Market Guide for Corporate Learning' - Published 1 November 2021), tells, among other things:

    1. that while there are pockets of interest in newer knowledge sharing areas, such as VR and LRS, there is still minimal market adoption of these solutions.


TWI2100 is a supplement to an already existing TWI organization, or to companies with an already strong training organization.

The principles for building training videos and the student's subsequent performance of what has been learned follow the TWI/ JBS/ performance display and process confirmation standards.

We have adopted the extremely strong from JBS (TWI) – to describe the sentences (script) short as an ordre – always with an explanation about WHY. The human brain is searching for the WHY.


We help by drawing up a plan for the combination 'learn-yourself/ 1:1' - learning/ depth of training/ employee performance assessment of the work processes:



Which require full classic TWI training - or only video 'self training', with final performance for TWI trainer - or  team leader, professional, in organizations where there is no TWI.

Statistisk beregning


A simple one


as it seems

in many...



... for reflection

125 employees with 400 separate tasks to be trained.

Each task takes 10 minutes for a fully trained employee.

1:1 training takes 30 minutes.

Minimum target: 10 trained students in each task (= 2 employees per team,
with 5 shifts).

Time consumption to reach the goal in "year 0" if we start with 10 100% fully trained:

  • 400 assignments x 10 students x 30 minutes = 1,200,000 minutes = 2,000 hours = 333 intensive days
    of 6 hours for trainer and students =
    667 days' work in total.

Employee turnover of 10% (= 10 with 1/10 ability and 1 with 100% ability).

Retraining : (40 tasks x 10 students + 400 tasks x 1 student) x 30 minutes = 24,000 minutes = 400 hours = 67 days for both trainer and student = 133 days' work in total.

Save 80% of the trainers' time and get a stable and robust result tomorrow and the next year, and ….

præstation af træning.jpg

in the Industrial Area

Companies that use classic TWI quickly achieve effect when using TWI2100

  1. Use your strong training organizational experience and transfer the best to TWI2100

  2. Spot a team of upcoming 'video producers' - you have them among you

  3. 'Self-training' does not always require a trainer - and not always process equipment.


... see description  of our TWI2100

præstation af træning.jpg

WHY TWI2100  hos SME

Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) find it unaffordable to embark on the extensive TWI programme. They have challenges in connection with training employees.

  1. They, like everyone else, will reap a great benefit from using video training

  2. They have a close knowledge of the employees and, both with them and with others, there are also employees with 'video skills'

  3. Find them and we (TWI2100 ) will come and help



... see description  of our TWI2100

WHY TWI2100  
in the Health Service

It is not new in the healthcare system, which has used video recording of work processes for a number of years.

  • They have experienced the effect that employees - and patients - can 'self-train' - ANYWHERE AND  ANYTIME - 24/7

  • The processes are often different and not recorded according to 'standards'

  • In some cases, the videos can be longer than necessary and with a lot of explanation and 'personal focus'

  • Often it is 'specialists' from HR departments who record - and several times with extra equipment


... see description  of our TWI2100


WHY TWI2100  
in the Service area

For a large number of companies, within the service area, it is obvious to benefit from training videos.

  • Many similar tasks, many employees, in many different companies - TRAINING - ANYWHERE AND  ANYTIME - 24/7.


  • More employees of other ethnic origins - OUR VIDEO EDITING PROGRAM, HANDLES MANY LANGUAGES


... see description  of our TWI2100

- yesterday
- Today
- tomorrow = TWI
- and the day after tomorrow

The employees want a more flexible training program - one that caters better

their learning styles.

In several places, they themselves have started with video recordings.

They are among us - the YouTubers and the influencers - those who were 'born' with a mobile phone in  the hand - it goes 'juice-rushing' fast.
They are constantly video recording and editing.

And no, rest assured, TWI2100 takes place in a closed system.

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