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Vision & Mission

We are passionate about doing a good job together with the customer - exciting from the requester to all stakeholders in the organization -
for the benefit of the employees and the company as a whole.

ThraneConsulting (TC) has a strong focus on collaboration with our customers to jointly make a difference for the company.

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  • to offer a simple, adapted and realistic knowledge sharing and training that makes a noticeable difference to and engagement of the organization

  • to offer a documented real-world experience with deep systemic knowledge



  • we find, in collaboration with the customer, the talents that already exist among the potential in the company and together, we adapt a program that is simple, can be quickly understood and thus can be easily taken up by the individual employees


  • TC exhibits dynamism and flexibility, is always in close cooperation with the customer, with a commitment that goes both ways, leading to quality and further growth


  • we do not compromise with our convictions, are extremely persistent, bordering on stubborn - reach an agreement on goals together with the customer and will always indicate before action is taken

Fundamental values

  • always having the person at the center and not always coming up with an explanation for a question, based on the philosophy that the result the person comes to himself will be more firmly anchored than by always getting an explanation


  • to think clearly


  • to act dynamically


  • to show honesty – openness and honesty,
    bordering on love

... that's how we do it

  • we untangle you from the tangled

    • and we do this based on a broad understanding of the complexity between people and a deep knowledge of,
      an increasing need for clarity on the part of the individual employee


  • we create space for those who believe in the impossible

    • we have experience not to believe statements like

      • We are not allowed to do that…

      • There is no economy for that...

      • There are others who have tried before us...

    • we just do it! - we have experience in making it probable for those who need a little longer


  • We have big ambitions and allow ourselves to unfold them together - on your behalf

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